Top 10 websites in 2019:

These are the top 10 most visited websites on the web in 2019. These are among the top most visited sites daily, based on web search and service they provide. There’s no doubt about- google and youtube being at the top. These are the sites ranked by Alexa- one of the top analytical tool in the world which tracks the data from over million of websites all around the globe.


Amazon is a popular international e-commerce site, which also specializes in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. It was found in 1994, July 4 in Seattle, the USA by Jeff Bezos. It is a multi-billion dollar company. The site provides an online shopping service 24/7 and provides services to over 100 countries. has 8.22 daily page views per visitor with 8.09 daily time on site. It has 592,363 sites linking into it. Amazon also operates in India as which remarkably ranks at 6 in India and has an overall global rank of 76.

9. ranks at 9 with 3.57 daily page views per visitor and 3.57 daily time on site. It has 496,915 sites linking into it. This site serves multiple services – mail, news, finance, sports, entertainment and many more. It basically provides almost every service as Google does and on top of that, it was steadily the most visited site back then. Neverthelesis, it is still a popular search engine.



Taobao is the Chinese e-commerce site, which is also the world largest e-commerce website which is owned by Alibaba. It has over 617 million monthly active users. It ranks as the 8th top visited site with 4.05 daily page views per visitor and 7:46 daily time on site. It has 496,915 sites linking into it.


Tmall is the online e-commerce website in China known for its premium merchandise service(mainly Chinese customers). Tmall is also associated with the Alibaba group. Tmall ranks as the 7th top visited site with 2.92 daily page views per visitor and 7:27 daily time on site.

6. is the Chinese messaging site which also offers the services of games, video call, file transfer, and payment. Qq is similar toWechat in terms of service but differs in terms of goals and working platform. Qq is also known as Tencent Qq. It was basically meant for desktop messaging and does not require a cellular number for activation. Qq has hundreds of millions of active users among which children age group is abundant. Qq ranks as the 6th top visited site with 3.81 daily page views per visitor and 3:59 daily time.

5. is world largest free encyclopedia. It is a non-profit organization and basically runs from the money raised from donations. Wikipedia was found on January 15, 2001. Wikipedia ranks as the 5th top visited site with 3.16 daily page views per visitor and 4:17 daily time.


Baidu is the leading Chinese search engine. Baidu is based on the Chinese language so it seems very convenient for Chinese who are not really good at English. Also, about 80% of the Chinese people use Baidu as an only search engine. Chinese are not really good at English so, they prefer Baidu over Google, just think who would pick difficult way when easy and convenient way is available. It is because of Baidu, Google hasn’t been able to attract Chinese locals. Baidu has also been developing and marketing on products of music service, online payment, travel information recommendation, etc. ranks as the 4th top visited site with 3.16 daily page views per visitor and 4:17 daily time.

3. is undoubtedly very popular social site. Since its launch period(2004), it has always been soaring up with new users. So far, there are multi-billion people all around the globe who are connected to Facebook. Facebook comes with the features of text messaging, audio and video call, image, and video sharing and it is the major source of advertisement for advertisers. Facebook hasn’t backed up when it comes to assisting and keeping up with its followers; To provide convenience for its users it also bought another domain at the massive price of $8.5 million. ranks as the 3rd top visited site with 4.01 daily page views per visitor and 9:40 daily time. It has over 5 million –
5,292,468 – other sites linking into it.

2. is the site where you can stream, upload, share, like, comment videos – youtube contents. This platform offers free service. It allows publishers to publish any kinds of videos under youtube guidelines and even reward the publishers with revenue which gets generated from ads. Some of the very popular trends running on youtube are music, vlogs, reaction videos, etc. Youtube is owned by google. ranks as the 2nd top visited site with 5.05 daily page views per visitor and 8:50 daily time.

1. is the world top search engine. Whether it’s your favorite t-shirt or your furniture Google has every answer to all sorts of question that you have. With its regular updates, vast keyword coverages and simplified interface it has always been able to provide free search results for users. Besides search engine, it is also considered among the top 4 tech giants alongside Amazon, Facebook, and Apple. Some of the major services of Google are a search tool, mail, google doc, google drive, google products, etc. It is used as primary search engine all over the world which makes it as top visited website. Google has over 3.5 billion searches “in a day”. Google is also the owner of mega-companies as Youtube. ranks as the most visited site with 9.85 daily page views per visitor and 7:51 daily time. It’s very unlikely that Google has let you down, it also provides free service called Google assistant which is literally your virtual assistant and helps you out with everything that human assistant can offer.

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