Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the early days, during the late 19’s there were few websites. During those times the only thing the creator had to do was register his website on search engine index, then his website would actually appear as the top search result on the front of the web-browser interface. However, in the passage of time number of websites kept on soaring at an incredible amount, the old method of hosting site page was not effective for a huge amount of sites. The problem was that every individual would like his page as top search priority, that lead to unsatisfactory among hard-working folks who had been working since times to rank his page. This way web site visitors would get all sorts of data related to search terms, the problem was not every displayed content was quality content. The search engine is actually responsible for crawling across the web and delivering the best search results. So, search engines implemented few steps as conditions, for websites/contents to be displayed as top search results. Search Engine Optimization is the list of activities or terms that the website has to comply with in order to rank itself in the top category of search results hierarchy. Search Engine Optimization consist of few important implentation on website.

  • Title word->Web site has to include the most relevant title that meets up most of the query specific to a particular subject. If the search words are repeatedly used in the website, the chances are your website will be a contender for search results. Usually, the web crawler checks the title of the content and try to match with the words used in the search bar. If your title is relevant to query then your web crawler picks your web-content.

  • Regularity-

    Website has to deliver regular updated contents. It’s easy for search engine web crawler to catch up regularly updated sites and prioritizes recent posts. To rank your site you’ll have to make sure you’re going to be live with your site.

  • Links-

    Web sites are considered trustworthy and dominant when they are linked in from many sites. The search engine is not tempted with fake links, it is always considered good when high ranked sites link into you. A site with many links compels the search engine to rank that site for high search rank.

  • Be original-

    Top search engine have complex algorithm designed to detect the duplicity of contents. Emphais on creating original content as possible to hold hygenic plot in search engine index.

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