Samsung galaxy S10|S10 plus|S10e|What’s new in Samsung Galaxy S10?

It’s February which means a month for a new Samsung device. In February of 2019 Samsung has indeed launched it’s new premium mobile “devices”. What new? There’s lots of new stuffs going on for samsung. Samsung has released not one, not two, but three versions of mobile devices – Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+. It only makes some part of the show. Not only has samsung released new version of samsung devices, but also as expected from Samsung, these epic devices have lots of new specs.

2018 has been the year for premium devices with notches -lead by apple from the front, improved camera (dual & trio cams), wireless charging and high-class software. Not to mention, Samsung has always been itself, it didn’t include a notch in galaxy S9 or S9+. Samsung has always been known for creating its own benchmark. This year too where the notch is inevitable for consumers and mobile brands, Samsung said no for notch and included its own iconic display which samsung calls Infinity O Display. All these devices have AMOLED display and IP 68 certified as always.

Taking about most anticipated topic-Camera, Samsung has totally redesigned cameras, providing total of 3 camers for Galaxy 10e model, 4 cameras for Galaxy S10 and whooping 5 cameras for S10+ model . Samsung has its own display so-called Infinity O Display which pushes its screen all over the screen providing incredible display so far as 93% of display. Samsung has included whole punch cameras – available with single and two cameras of 12 Mega pxl. Unlike Honor View 20 which has had also inlcluded whole punch camera setup at the left side of screen samsung has actually shifted cameras whole punch section to the top right corner leaving some millimeters display at right and top, also pushing icons such as battery and wifi to the side of whole punch. Galaxy S10+ has adopted two front facing cameras- each including one 10 MP selfie camera and one 8 MP RGB camera. However, Galaxy S10e and S10 include one front facing selfie camera. There’s buzz about extra display space led by the whole punch. It’s an interesting design and interesting step taken by Samsung, reviews remains to be seen as the product ships at March 1st.

Talking about other hardware, Samsung has yet again provided another best designed phone. For past three Samsung has been keeping up with best hardware trend. Galaxy S10 and S10+. Samsung has edge display for 10 and 10+ model and plane display for 10e model. At the back of the mobile three cameras are alligned horizontally along side with a flash. Three camera setup is composed of one 12MP telephoto camera/f1.2, 12MP widelens camera /f1.6 and 16MP ultra wide camera/f2.4. New ultra wide camera provides large view shot of 1230angle view. Unfortnately, 10e model is restricted for ultra wide lens. Galxay 10+ model comes with very large battery capacity of whoooping 4100 mAh. Galaxy 10 has 3400 mAh battery and Galaxy 10e has 3100 mAh. Video recording has also improved. With 4k recording it also provides stability, even the front camera can record 4k videos.

There’s also an new interesting feature for finger print scanner. It’s called
Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner. Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint protects and unlocks with the first touch. It is totally different from Optical in-display fingerprint scanner which was previously used in Oneplus 6t. It is different from the fact that optical in-display fingerprint scanner uses light to trace the finger patterns. This new feature has removed the headaches concerned with finger-scanner which s8 and s9 which caused disturbance for cams.

Good news is Samsung has not removed headphone jack. All three devices come with 3.14mm headphone jack at the bottom. All these device start with 8 gb RAM and 128 gb of storage which can be expanded. Storage also comes with 228 gb, 512 gb upto a tera bytes of storage. Tera bytes of storage comes up with increased RAM upto 12 gb, that’s insane. This new also includes reverse charging best compatible for samsung gadgets for wireless recharging. These devices have usb type C charging slots. Also, big shoutout for Samsung for including earphones powerd by AKG on the purchase box. These devices come up with many different colors and ceramic glass at the back. It has new software which Samsung calls One UI, providing the best interface that samsung has ever provided. This guy has new processor: Qualcom snapdragon 855 with octaprocessor. It has still kept up with dedicated Bixby button at the side, alongside volume rockers.

For the price, these device are priced more than 700 bucks. Galaxy S10e at $749 is the cheapest one and the one with compact features. Galaxy S10e doesnot include ultrasonic in-disply finger scanner, edge, one front facing RGB camera, Ultra wide camera at the back, and comes up with relatively small display of 5.8″ to keep up with the price. What’s unique to Galaxy 10e is that it has finger print scanner at the side. Galaxy S10 and S10+ have whooping price of $899 for 6.1″ inch display and $999 for 6.4″ display respectively. Shipping Charge applies.


Display: 5.8″ for S10e|6.1″ for S10|6.4″ for S10+
battery 3100 mAh|3400 mAh|4100 mAh
storage 10 giga bytes of RAM, Starting at 128 Gb ofstorage|12GB RAM for Galaxy S10+
camera Back cameras-12MP for telephoto, f1.2|12MP widelens camera, f1.6| 16MP ultra wide camera,f2.4 and front cameras-10MP selfie camera| 12 MP RGB camera
softwares Android 9.0(pie)/Qualcom Snapdragon 855processor/octacore processor/ Samsung’s ONE UI
Finger print scanner Ultrasonic in-display fingerprint scanner
Water registivity IP 68 certified
Display AMOLED display/Edge display for Galaxy 10+and Galaxy 10, Plane display for S10e

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