Samsung Galaxy S10 display|Hole punch display!!

One of the most anticipated topic after the launch of galaxy S10 has been its display. One of the most tempting thing for Samsung user is to constantly keep up with the samsung’s ecosystem-best display, software, camera et cetera. Nevertheless, the most controversial buzz going around after its release has been it’s new cut out display a.k.a. hole punch display. So, why is this so intriguing topic? First why notch or hole punch display? Well, Samsung is well renowned for producing the best display and has been keeping up with it.

Eventually, every consumer expects Samsung with its best display as possible. However, Apple has already taken lead for new highly renovated display a.k.a. notch display with its iPhone X. Ever since the release of iPhone X at most every flagship has started implementing notch. There are few consumers who don’t really like notch design. However, cut out display has found tons of millions of consumers getting into it. On the other hand, Samsung and Apple are the top two vendors going hand on hand as best sellers and profit makers. It’s weird and not well appreciated for one part implementing counterpart’s idea; to be head on the game both must provide the best product. Samsung had to start something really big and competitive for the big show. So, here we are with new Samsung’s cut out display called hole punch display.

 buzzint.comNow, Galaxy S10 has circular cut out region at top right corner dedicated for camera on the display screen rather than going for rectangular big notch at the top center which iPhone does. Galaxy S10 series have hole punch cut out especially dedicated for camera and only camera. This new approach takes the advantage of having more display region. Also, it looks really cool on the device too. Galaxy had well planned over this, they picked the top right corner for camera’s hole punch; hole punch has buckled up with notification bar icons pretty well. After you are used to with this for certain short period of time it doesn’t bother anymore like that bulky looking notch in iPhone X display which affects almost every display activity. You don’t really need to shrink the display as in notch display to preview because cutout has minimal effect on your preview. Samsung’s hole punch covers the tiny fraction of display; S10’s bezel to screen ratio is around 4:96. However, S10+ hole punch cut out is massive in comparison to s10 and s10e so it does comes in your sight on the go. S10 cut out is surprisingly unnoticeable in the dark theme so S10 holder might not mind giving it a try. Now, there are tons of wallpaper that utilizes the hole punch perfectly. Have a look at the images below.

I bet you’re surprised. It’s incredible to turn annoying stuff into something usable and decorative right? Different people have different opinions regarding S10 display. But, I personally think Galaxy S10 display is the best display which any flagship has ever produced so far and it ultimately boils down as the best-innovated display ever. That’s it. Let me know your thoughts on the comment area below.

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