There are many popular search engines, among them Google search engine is considered remarkably the best. All search engine have similar functioning procedures, nevertheless, it’s their distinct filtering algorithm which separates one from another. These search engines are very cautious about securing their algorithm. Content producer tempts to promote his contents for top search results if he/she knows the algorithm which is totally unfair for counterparts who work very hard to rank their pages.

Google has many components that work for hand on hand to provide results for your query. The process for delivering result includes searching keywords, linking and indexing sites by web-crawler and finally providing the best results. This collective process is handled by different components within the process. Google index consists of large data in the range of a trillion terabytes which is compiled by millions of hours of coding. Web crawlers or google spiders are the first things to go on a move. They are basically codes that look up for contents relevant to the query. On the internet, the chances for the results for a respective search query lies in the order of millions. Web crawlers link all these contents together making them prospect search result.


Google offers the user with quality contents at the beginning of the page. By quality, I mean to say rich content delivering accurate and most recent information. Google also prioritizes the content having the most number of links into it. The high ranked site with lots of posts also linked in by similar other high ranked sites has the maximum chance of having its content displayed at top of the search result by Google. The contents in which the words in the title and the content page are same as the words typed in by the user are most probable contents to be picked for being displayed.


Google has the engine termed as Query Engine which is actually responsible for stacking the most relevant contents in browser’s page. It uses a unique algorithm for sorting and delivering the data. Google continuously updates and works on securing this algorithm. Lots of efforts are being made to decipher this algorithm, and Google is always head on to eliminate these suspicious acts.

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