Box Office is the term which is widely used in the context of Film Industry. Box Office is the sum of total value generated for a movie through the means of ticket sold. In precise, Box Office is the revenue that the film earns from the cinemas. Box Office has significant influence in the film industry, success for a movie is indicated by Box Office collection and it is also the topic of major interest for the general public.


Box office hits are the movies with gross surpassing other movies. Box Office Hit movies rank top at high earning movies hiearchy nevertheless, they are on a run to outrank other top grossing movies. Here are top grossing movie-box office hits- of all time(top four are grossed over 2 billion dollars) :

  1.  Avator premiered in 2009 grossing $2,787,965,087
  2.  Titanic premiered in 1997 grossing $2,186,772,302
  3.  Stars Wars: The Force Awakens premiered in 2015 grossing $2,054,708,260
  4.  Avengers: Infinity War premiered in 2018 grossing $2,003,241,872
  5. Jurassic World premiered in 2015 grossing $1,670,400,637

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