It’s not new for today’s flagships to include bezel-less cut-out display. The concept is – the production of a bezel-less display to push the display area as far as possible. This concept leads to the production of new cut out display also known as notch a.k.a. top notch. Notch display was first used by Apple’s product the iPhone X



buzzint.comThis cut out limited the upper Bazzel to an only camera, RGB depth adapter and speaker in iPhone X. As a result, there were gaps left on the sides of top-notch which were utilized by display notifications and general icons – battery, data signals, time et cetera which top navigation bar would normally have. This bezel-less display- the notch display was what the flagship would offer to provide the bezel-less and chinless display. As a matter of fact, almost every flagship – oneplus, Huawei, vivo, et cetera began implementing this notch effect. Although every flagship implemented the notch effect they tried to include their own different cut out style. Primary styles include rectangular style notch and triangular style notch. 

buzzint.comTeardrop notch is used among popular flagships – oneplus, vivo, Huawei etc. Companies are desperately putting on hard work to reduce side bezels as much as possible. Some devices have been successful to launch the bezel-less devices with 96% screen – vivo and oppo in 2018 edition. 





buzzint.comThese companies have added a new feature for the front camera called pop-up selfie camera so, the front camera is practically hidden. The pop-up camera helps in increasing display area because they are not present in the front interface of mobile instead hidden inside the device and pop-up as selfie camera when required.

buzzint.comSamsung which has been acknowledged for its best display so far has yet again seduced everyone with its new innovative approach for cut out displays. It was mandatory for the new Samsung device to employ cut out the display to be a competitive opponent in the market( since every vendor has done). Samsung and iPhone have been the top two vendors in the mobile market. Apple had the lead as the best notch that far and every other vendor has been following apple’s notch feature. Eventually, Samsung also employed cut out display. However, how to cut out looked was very very different; Samsung had the hole punch cut out display. Samsung hole punch cut out approach leads other notch display in the sense that it has increased its display area even more. Except for camera circular cut out region every pixel of Galaxy S10 is capable of providing luminous color.



There have been lots of rumors and speculation regarding S10 but for the most parts it boils down as one of the most technologically innovative display design ever produced and S10 hole punch cut out has set the kick off for upcoming hole punch revolution. Rumors suggest that Google’s PIxel 4 which is yet to be launched later this year(2019) will also follow the hole punch display as Samsung’s Galaxy S10

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